Joon & Jung

da li verujete u ljubav na prvi pogled?
because, I so do. i upravo mi se to desilo kad sam natrčala na Joon & Jung, studio iz Eindhoven-a, Norveška. dvojac, oboje poreklom iz south koree. it figures. radovi odišu tim prepoznatljivim azijskim ludilom koje razvlači granice do besmisla amortizujući sve to jednom pročišćenom i jednostavnom formom, svedenom skandinavijskom pričom.

cloud stool
"Cloud Stool is inspired by the flexibility and softness of the cloudscape. It can be singular or become a group as a human being. It gives the illusion that it’s alive, by using irregularity, flexibility and subtle differences in tone of perception. Conclusively, the form interacts between objects, and people could explore with it."
I'm too sad to separate cups
"At this project, We were trying to make idea from 2 keywords.
“Weight and Tableware”

Our own translation was that the weight is come from ‘Gravity’. Then, We had research about how the object looks like when they are falling down. Besides, how it feels when they are falling down ‘Fear, Surprise, Interesting..’.

Consequently, We made the cup which looks like the moment of falling down, and it was providing special emotion to people."
pillow blanket
-Baby boy in the Cloud-

"This pillow blanket is about embracing the “babyboy” color by catching the cloud, dreaming about the world and feeling comfort, safe, warm and snug.From this experience, the idea proposed to challenge my fear, and I wanted to create a big personal space to surround me with the combination of colors that make me feel positive and comfort.
melting cup
"Melting your heart and it will melt on the table. Imagine having a warm drink in Melting Cup. We want to deliver a cozy moment when you are having a warm drink."
sweet tear
slatka suzica za gorku kafu.
1 g
"Each of these weights less than 1g. They are very light as a feather. You won’t even feel that you are wearing them." ovi komadi su me doslovno oduvali. prefektno i efektno do ludila.
i još povelika gomila sličnih zezalica, sramota me je da baš svaki komad postujem ovde. :) link za njihov sajt ostavljam ovde. prošetajte se i zaljubite do ušiju.


  1. hvala ti diiiivniii su!
    ta oblachic stolichica, pa cebence jastuk u koje bi se uvila cela. pa na sve to istopljena sholjica i suzica di-vno!


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