The Four Icon Challenge

Ili prevedeno na srpski – izazov  u četiri ikonice. Projekat by Kyle Tezak koji se svodi na sledeće – “prepričaj” film ili knjigu u četiri ikonice.

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“Lately I’ve been working a lot with icons. Trying to capture the essence of an object or idea with only a few lines and at the same time maintaining its elegance is pretty much design in a nutshell.

That’s what so great about icons, they’re tiny poems. I decided it would be a fun project to attempt to sum up some of my favorite books, movies, historical events, anything, with just four icons; the meat and potatoes.

This is an ongoing project so I plan to keep adding to the collection and testing ideas out on Dribbble so tell me what you think. It might make a cool poster at some point.”


  1. kekek obozavam ovakve stvarchice
    pisala sam jednom kako se lozim na te slikovnica jednachine, napr ovo http://fashematics.com/

  2. dooobro! ha ha. odmah zamišljam opis za Mean Girls



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