Maison Desalle


A wink for all those which recongnize this chair
like the « Parisienne ». Maison Desalle is a young company which inherited an ancestral savoir-faire in the manufacturing of the genuine Parisian Bistro chairs. With the « ParisLovesYou » chair, Maison Desalle signs this tradition into a contemporaneity by continuously exploring this Parisian spirit. Those chairs framed in natural rattan are hand woven and assembled with Rislan* fibers.

*Rislan is a organic matter coming from the castor plant’s oil.


Maison Desalle manufactures the authentic chairs framed in natural rattan and assembled with hand woven Rislan* fibers.These chairs are well knowed as the Parisian Bistro Chair. For the event of the tweetiest Birtday of the Côté Sud Magazine, we designed a special pattern to pay tribute to the South, using one of the clichés illustrated by a cat leazily napping in the sun.

via Laurent Corio

That reminds me!

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