Predstavljam vam Music History In GIFs, tumblr projekat Joshua Carrafa-e (gitariste Old Monk-a). Reč je o ličnoj retrospektivi najznačajnijih momenata u istoriji pop muzike, prenetoj sa jako mnogo ljubavi i humora. Priča kreće od
1964 i Beatlesa i pomera se godinu, po godinu. Ispod svakog (sjajnog) gifa stoji vam na raspolaganju i tekst (opet – sjajan). Uglavnom, volim, pratim i toplo preporučujem svima, bez obzira na muzički ukus.

2012. Psy releases his music video for Gangnam Style.  Never before has an artist so foreign been able to make such a huge impact with one crazy music video.  And this video is definitely crazy.  Also great.This is the Platonic Ideal of a viral sensation.

2003.  The White Stripes release their fourth album, Elephant.  The garage rock revival continues, and The White Stripes are the most commercially successful of the bunch.  They are punky and bluesy, raw and rocky, red and white, and so, so stylish.Also, they have amazing music videos.  Plus, Beck likes to show up in said videos.  So good.

1997.  Radiohead releases OK Computer, and it goes on to become one of the most critically acclaimed records of all time.  They released a couple of great videos, and a guy plays ping pong with an angel.  Also a guy cuts his own limbs off for some reason. 1996.  Beck releases his fifth album, Odelay.  It’s full of some goofy samples, wacky lyrics and a bunch of hit singles.  To celebrate, Beck walks around New York City carrying a boombox and talks about haircuts.Then he rocked us all to a place called Make Out City. 1995.  Tupac releases his most sensitive record, Me Against the World.  Subsequently he becomes the first artist to have a record reach number one on the charts while serving a prison sentence.  Also, he wrote a screenplay and got married while imprisoned.Also, remember when Chris Tucker was in his music video?

1990.  MC Hammer Scores a ridiculously popular hit, and popularizes some crazy pants at the same time.This made him a lot of money.  Then he hilariously spent it all.

1984.  Talking Heads release the concert movie Stop Making Sense.  David Byrne wears a hilariously oversized suit and does some of the raddest dance moves ever invented.Byrne’s stage presence is among the top in music history.

1983.  Michael Jackson debuts the moonwalk on Mo Town 25 during Billie Jean.  He’s pretty dang good at it.The ladies are all “aaaaaah”.  MJ is all “whatev”.

1968.  Johnny Cash says hello to a bunch of inmates at Folsom State Prison in Folsom, California.  Also he plays songs for them and they get excited and yell. For some reason, not many other people made live prison albums.

1964.  the beatles play the ed sullivan show.  everyone is all “aaaaaah”. especially the ladies.




Directed by Joe Pelling & Becky Sloan.
Made up from over 1000 separate plasticine collages,
all individually made by hand. See more here.



Diana Beltran Herrera

je papirni mag iz Kolumbije. Njene studije su anatomski precizne, tačne i uz to neodoljive. Tema njenih kolažnih skulpturica su ptičurci… najčešće… Njen Flickr stream otkriva okean drugih zezalica, o kojima nećemo danas.



Diana kaže o sebi:

I have been very curious about this place. I like everything I see and I enjoy being here. There is a lot of information everywhere, in each thing that exists, in everything that has a life, shape & color. W
ork with paper is temporal and fragile. It’s a process of transformation, the same process that is hidden in the creation itself.


Salida de campo je njena prekrasna kolaboracija sa
fotografom Victoriom Holguin

“We are including the "subject" into a real context that provides us new information about it’s relation with the environment.”



 Colibri investigations

“Recently I was reading about the importance of the existence of hummingbirds in the evolution of the plants and the environment as well. It’s interesting to see how 2 different things have an amazing communication that allows them to grow together and cooperate in  evolution.”

Studies of movement

Ova serija radova je rezultat studioznog proučavanja ptica, njihovog ponašanja i namera, kroz pokrete.





7787150256_eb2ee91d16_c 8182420861_4b0fc325c8_b

all pics are linked to their sources




Omiljeni GIF

Evolucija fotoaparata, basically. Gif je napravila Cineraria od ovog vimeo filmića.

Cuadernos Postal Books

Astrid Stavro Studio je još davne 2009-te dizajnirao kolekciju monografija slavnih slikara i arhitekata. Svaka sveščica sadrži mini knjižicu, jedan poster i gomilu razglednica. 

Bauhaus Hood

Via Nicky and Max

bauhaus  bauhaus 

Official Issue 1972 for the Olympic City of Munich

Designed by Victor Vasarely.

Kei Jewelry on Etsy

Trenutna opsesija su mi tanuše orgrlice koje pravi Keyla Tones.


Tasty strawberry box

Omiljeno pakovanje ovih dana. Ne pitajte me šta je to unutra, ne bih znala… Čini mi se da su bombone… recimo… ne kažu Japanci. Uglavnom, jela bih. :)

National valentine Collectors Association

je mesto koje valja obići ako ste u potrazi za vintage, handwritten ljubavnim pisamcima i čestitkicama.

String Gadrens

S vremena na vreme obiđem tako neke punktove o kojima je bilo reči ovde. Iako se trudim da se ne ponaljam, postoje stvari koje naprosto vabe dodatnu pažnu. Viseća bašta je jedna od njih.


Druga je, razumljivo, Stadshem sa svojim novostima.


Makoto Kagoshima

Keramičke ćasice, tanjirići, figurice sa druge planete. Cunjajte, istražujte i uživajte … ako već niste.


Kacho fugetsu

Korice za stare japanske knjige,  sa sredine XIX veka, Meiji period.




Jamie Brown and Luke Kirwan explore the art movements of the 20th century through food in the Gourmand issue 00.

. . .

It made sense to use foodstuffs relevant to each movement - Neo Classicism called for the honorable mix of cheese and biscuits.


Post modernism openly embraced modern man made materials, so processed food like Kraft cheese, pepperoni and white sliced bread fitted the bill.


The saccharine sweet colour schemes of Art Deco were echoed with
biscuits and cakes.


For Bauhaus, a simple selection of Bavarian cold meats and cheeses,
rye bread and a touch of mustard.


And the earthy tones and floral designs of Arts and Crafts suited
a crunchy salad.


found via gourmand.co.uk




Sinoć sam na The Public Domain Review-u naišla na božanstvenu knjiguExamples of Chinese ornament selected from objects in the South Kensington museum and other collections” iz 1867 (!!!) by Owen Jones. Ako želite sami da prelistate knjigu,  možete to da uradite na Internet Archivi.




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