- Boch Frères -

. . .

Danas je konačno došao red na J. Lohmann galeriju i njihove izuzetne komade. Praviti overall best of bila bi nemoguća misija, zato sam odlučila da rasparčam favorite i skoncentrišem se samo na vaze. So here we go…

J. Lohmann Gallery (located on Manhattan's Upper East Side and East Hampton, New York) specializes in 20th century and contemporary design and decorative arts with an emphasis on European designers and art movements.  Our diverse range of objects includes designs from some of the most celebrated artists, art schools and manufacturers of the 20th century. In addition, we are proud to present contemporary Studio works of art by widely recognized and highly talented emerging European artists.

. . .

- Sandra Davolio -

 - Ernst Wahliss -

- Venini, Murano -

- Hans Theo Baumann for Rosenthal -

- Krautheim & Adelberg’ Art Deco Vases -

- Marcel Guillard -

- Sandra Davolio -

- Two Sèvres Vases -

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