She's In Pieces 2
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Za tumblrovce Chad Wys-ovi radovi nisu nikakva nepoznanica. Ja se mesecima zaustavljam nad njegovim modernim dekonstrukcijama i interpretacijama, da bih tek pre neki dan odlučila konačno da posetim njegov sajt i pogledam o čemu se radi. Evo šta sam sve tamo našla.

My artwork is, at its core, an experimentation in composition, color, and form. Through a variety of mixed media I have chosen as my inspiration a color palette that is at times complimentary and at other times purposefully contradictory, or seemingly destructive. The literal destruction of an object is secondary, in my mind, to the overall effect created by color harmony and the overall aesthetic-emotional experience of the reclaimed and reinvented object. I openly play with the allure of foreign and aggressive new colors and forms, inviting them into otherwise familiar and traditional settings.

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Gold Blast (8-5 x 11) 003 (crop)

Victorian Couple Deleted


A Dandy And His Lady In Green And Blue 2


Golden Tea Party 6d93fd306bed0bc1aa7b8b7a17985c1b

Pastel Duck

Absent 17

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