Treći po redu singl fenomenalnog londonskog sastava, the Hics.
Mesmerising stuff…




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Letu se bliži kraj kao i ovogodišnjoj letnjoj
pauzi u blogovanju. Nastavljam praktično
tamo gde sam stala u julu. Reč je, dakle, o grupici odabranih arhitektonskih gem-ova.

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Na prvom mestu, tu je ova prekrasna koliba skrivena na izolovanom ostrvu, negde na severu Švedske. Felix Odell, fotograf ovih sličica nije želeo da oda tačnu lokaciju ovog mesta, kao ni magazin Monocle u kome su se ova priča i Felixove fotografije prvi put pojavile.

The boat pulls away, taking with it your last contact with the outside world. Though you can see other islands from the shore, each occupied by a single house, there’s an unspoken agreement between the archipelago community that privacy here is everything. It’s not a time for dropping in, unannounced, or peering through binoculars to see what the neighbors are cooking on their barbecue. It’s a time for being truly insular and embracing the isolation.





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Pa onda jedan “arhitektonski evergreen” - The Sheats-Goldstein House (sa
najspektakularnijim pogledom na LA iz master spavaće sobe), koju je 1961 dizajnirao John Lautner.

The building was conceived from the inside out and built into the sandstone ledge of the hillside; a cave-like dwelling that opens to embrace nature and view. The house is an extension of the natural environment and of the individual to whom it was built.



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Predgrađe Barselone, Sarrià-Sant Grevasi i prilično progresivna arhitektura 50-ih. Predivne fotografije by Salva López .

With the demand for better housing, a new class of architects emerged and in 1953 Francesc Mitjans i Miro´s Edificio Tokio set the standard. When it was built there were only three neoclassical buildings on the street and Mitjans had the foresight to omit a fence, creating cohesion between the street, exterior gardens and a open plan ground floor.

Salva Lopez Antoni_Moragas_21

Salva Lopez Vico_Freixa_2

salva lopez Antoni_Moragas_161

Salva Lopez monocle_sarria_075

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I za kraj – iznenađenje. Kutija bez prozora koja se otvara pod uglom od 25 stepeni. Bukvalno. U pitanju je vikendica u Paragvaju “ Camera Obscura” koju je dizajnirao Javier Corvalán.

The upper box, clad in galvanized corrugated sheets is fitted with an ingenious tilting mechanism which allows the entire house to open up to the surrounding landscape. It’s interesting to note that this project was conceived with just 20,000 euros, although the architect didn’t allow the tiny budget to restrict his imagination. Nothing short of incredible.


The-Caja-Oscura-House-Paraguay-by-Javier-Corvalan-Yellowtrace-04   The-Caja-Oscura-House-Paraguay-by-Javier-Corvalan-Yellowtrace-12

The-Caja-Oscura-House-Paraguay-by-Javier-Corvalan-Yellowtrace-03 (1)

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