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Ležim u kevetu danima, daaaanima već,
pokošena prehladom 2.0.  Posle skoro sedam dana provedenih u zatočeništvu slabog imuniteta, izvukla sam zaključak da je moj najveći neprijatelj u stvari zapušen nos…

Zbog tog zapušenog nosa primorana sam da dišem na usta, to naravno nikako ne prija mom grlu zbog čega dodatno kašljem, od kašljanja me boli glava, od te bolne glave mi je muka, see where I’m going?

Ja sam se oduvek hvalila svojim dobrim nosom. Nije nešto posebno lep, al radi ko car, precizan je i obskbio me je golemim uživanjem u poslednjih par decenija. Ja, znate, uživam u šnjufkanju i duboko verujem da negde u dubini mozga čuvam najraskošniju arhivu mirisnih nota… što me dovodi do današnje teme – “mirisografa”!!

The Madeleine is, to all intents and purposes, an analogue odour camera. Based on current perfumery technology, The Madeleine works in much the same way as a 35mm camera. Just as the camera records the light information of a visual in order to create a replica The Madeleine records the molecular information of a smell.”

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“Our sense of smell is believed to have a direct link to our emotional memory. It is the sense that we react to most instinctually and also the furthest away from being stored or replicated digitally. From ambient smell-scapes to the utterly unique scent of an individual, our scent memory is a valuable resource yet to be systematically captured and archived.”

. . .

“If an analogue, amateur-friendly system of odour capture and synthesis could be developed, we could see a profound change in the way we regard the use and effect of smells in our daily lives. From manipulating our emotional wellbeing through prescribed nostalgia, to the functional use of conditioned scent memory, our olfactory sense could take on a much more conscious role in the way we consume and record the world.”

courtesy of
Amy Radcliffe




Tata Naka Autumn Winter 2014/15 (Matisse inspired) Pre Collection


to see whole collection,
click here




"Advice to little girls" by Mark Twain

Playful short story young Mark Twain had written in 1865 at age of 30, with Victorian-scrapbook-inspired artwork by celebrated Russian-born children’s book illustrator Vladimir Radunsky, mischievously encouraging girls to think independently rather than blindly obey rules and social mores.

 Editorial crush

Scandinavian Design by Sam Hofman for ICON Magazine.

A Love Story & Other Stories

Dynamic couple Michelle Harper and Jenny Shimizu wear some of their best-loved pieces from the & Other Stories SS/14 collections.

Agenda CCCB 2013

Art direction, editorial design & illustration by Hey Studio from Barcelona.

 Our Agreeable Alphabet 

by John Alcorn, 1961.

UFOGEL Holiday House by Peter Jungmann

Architect Peter Jungmann designed the UFOGEL holiday house, which is built on stilts, floating above a meadow near Lienz, Austria.

Hedi Xandt Perfume Prints

Xandt deconstructed a series of luxury perfume bottles, reducing them to a single line drawing shown with key ingredients in their natural state.


The Tenenbaums (and Co.) in Print

These book and magazine covers all appear in Wes Anderson’s tale of an extended family with literary distinction (and, in one case, athletic infamy).

Roxane Lumeret

and her eye-catching drawings.

Sapeurs - A Short Documentary

Guinness film follows inspiring group of African dandies.
(Hvala Marina!)

Loving Vincent

The first feature-length painted animation will explore the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh. Every frame of the film is an oil painting on canvas, using the very same technique in which Vincent himself painted.



Tim Lahan je napravio ovaj fantastičan set ilustracija za Kenzo. Svaki crtež  predstavlja jedan od 10 najpopularnijih engleskih idioma koji imaju veze sa očima.

"Apple of my eye"

"Get a black eye"

"Cry your eyes out"

"Stars in your eyes"

"Hit the bull's eye"


"Eyes in the back of your head"

"More than meets the eye"

"A sight for sore eyes"


"Eyes bigger than your stomach"

"Eye of the Storm"





weather diaries”, incredibly captivating series of photo notes, by

Jari Silomäki



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