"Advice to little girls" by Mark Twain

Playful short story young Mark Twain had written in 1865 at age of 30, with Victorian-scrapbook-inspired artwork by celebrated Russian-born children’s book illustrator Vladimir Radunsky, mischievously encouraging girls to think independently rather than blindly obey rules and social mores.

 Editorial crush

Scandinavian Design by Sam Hofman for ICON Magazine.

A Love Story & Other Stories

Dynamic couple Michelle Harper and Jenny Shimizu wear some of their best-loved pieces from the & Other Stories SS/14 collections.

Agenda CCCB 2013

Art direction, editorial design & illustration by Hey Studio from Barcelona.

 Our Agreeable Alphabet 

by John Alcorn, 1961.

UFOGEL Holiday House by Peter Jungmann

Architect Peter Jungmann designed the UFOGEL holiday house, which is built on stilts, floating above a meadow near Lienz, Austria.

Hedi Xandt Perfume Prints

Xandt deconstructed a series of luxury perfume bottles, reducing them to a single line drawing shown with key ingredients in their natural state.


The Tenenbaums (and Co.) in Print

These book and magazine covers all appear in Wes Anderson’s tale of an extended family with literary distinction (and, in one case, athletic infamy).

Roxane Lumeret

and her eye-catching drawings.

Sapeurs - A Short Documentary

Guinness film follows inspiring group of African dandies.
(Hvala Marina!)

Loving Vincent

The first feature-length painted animation will explore the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh. Every frame of the film is an oil painting on canvas, using the very same technique in which Vincent himself painted.

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