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(as in H that stands for Heliana)


is an artist and illustrator from Romania.  She draws inspiration from Romanian folk art, Naive Art, Portuguese tiles, to naturalistic illustrations of plants, but her work always has a very personal dimension - from her recollections of dreams, to illustrated diaries and memories of childhood and family life. She’s been a part of numerous art shows in Romania, but also in cities like Vienna, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Aalborg, San Jose…

I started drawing weird, chubby, fantastic creatures during my studies at the University of Art and Design in Timisoara, Romania, as a subversive reaction to the academical ways of treating human anatomy. My artistic work ranges from pink, cute, elegant, to sometimes creepy, semireligious, bizarre characters, mixed in surrealistic sets.


find her on her site, behance, society6, facebook


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