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This story starts a year or so ago, when I scrambled a tiny, little post about bunch of tiny earrings. There I mentioned one gorgeous piece by Katrine Kristensen. Then, a month or so ago, I received a thank you email that preceded the package with the best gift ever from Denmark.

Now, this one’s the first for me. I do not accept gifts, and I do not blog about the things in exchange for stuff. My blog is a place where I share things that I truly admire, and to be quite honest, I like it that way. I like to think that people who visit these pages are interested in honest opinion and the cool content. So trust me when I say – this is not the pay post.

I truly and honestly love every single piece done by Katrine. And since I had the opportunity of actually wearing one, I can easily say that it’s an attention grabber. Despite the fact that her jewelry is subtle and delicate, the geometry of it is fantastic - it’s eye-catching and playful. I wear her earring every single day, although I completely stopped wearing jewelry almost a year ago (just a simple rose gold wedding ring, my tiniest arm watch and the rose gold bracelet with no details on it).

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Katrine Kristensen creates exquisite jewelry which defies convention and challenges in it's execution.
Stark, precise lines and aesthetics counteract with an underlying playfulness, in a line which nods both to the goldsmith's craftsmanship and takes inspiration from emerging visual statements in counter culture. Pieces become a staple for the wearer and court intrigue and curiosity among viewers. Katrine studied at the Royal College of Art in London after a goldsmith apprenticeship and now lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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all pics are courtesy of katrinekristensen.com,
ps: check out her
Instagram, and fb page as well

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