PINTERESTING STUFF // Poster edition


Love poster by Yves Saint Laurent, 1982

.   .   .

I collected so many fantastic posters… Correction! I collected so many precious stuff on my pinterest, that
it began to bother me. The quantity is so overwhelming
that there is no possible way for me to squeeze it into 2, or even 3 standard collage posts.


So I came up with a mammoth compromise “more than 3 less than 10” themed posts. I kind of feel sorry for all those eye-catching things that couldn't make the cut… But hey, enough is enough! If you insist on checking those as well, you can do it here. Anyway, let’s begin!

.    .    .


1.Matthias Tratz
2. Shiseido ad, 1938


1. Olimpia Zagnoli
2. poster for Pela, Brazilian music festival


1.CSA for french paper
2. WBYK for David Cronenberg’s masterpiece The Fly


1. Hans Hillmann for Bunuel Young One, 1968.
2. Jan Mlodozeniec for Mystic Pizza


1. Contemporary Museum, Hawaii, David Hockney: L'enfant et les sortileges
2. Christina Magnussen for the city of Oslo


1. Les Graphiquants
2. Graham Sutherland ,1964


1. Adolphe Mouron Cassandre, 1935
2. John Vickery, Discover Australia, ca 1934


1. Hans Hillmann for Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai
2. Unfun


1. João Drumond
2. Jenny Kim for Graduate Exhibition of Ewha Womans University


1. Chevron Festival Gardens
2. Iroha Festa


1. Alyar Aynetchi
2. Les Graphiquants


1. Heinz Hiltbrunner for Vitra Design Museum, 1997
2. Tokyo Pistol for Koji Kakinuma: Exploring Calligraphy, 2013

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