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As I already told you, I‘ve been watching a lot of food films lately
(btw: if you’re looking for some sort of list –
this & this could help).
Some of them were nice, others were not that good, but most of the films featured some really nice close ups of good-looking food, and that was enough for me.

I hope I’ll be motivated enough to put up a decent post about my favourite foody films soon… In the meantime, here are some really neat looking stills from “Waitress”, where Keri Russell  plays the unhappy wife, a waitress at a diner, who bakes these gorgeous looking pies and “hilariously names each one to go along with her mood”.

Although this film is a victim of terrible clichés, it truly is a feel-good chick flick that I would score with 6 out of 10.
It’s a pleasant way to spend the evening, or the rainy Wednesday afternoon. And the shots of food are amazing…

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