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I had this in my drafts for the longest time. I love this film from 1966, directed and written by Czech New Wave proponent Vera Chytilová. Visually stunning and timeless, this piece of art is, almost half a century later, still relevant. I know that most of us are at least familiar with some of the scenes (I mean, Tumblr is bursting with stills and gifs), but if you haven’t watched it by now, I’m telling you – it’s about time.

This movie is a beautiful, weird parody, a dark, Dadaist comedy if you will. I love the mixture of monochrome, tinted and color scenes. It contributes to the beautiful surrealism of this movie. I love the goofiness and the slapstick pranks as well, girl power narrative, the overall anarchy and satire that revolves around conventional norms. It was banned by Czech authorities and labelled as “depicting the wanton”.

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