4 Easy Instagram Video Ideas to Help Brands Expand Their Social Media Presence

A few short years ago, companies could keep ahead of the competition by merely establishing an Instagram presence. With 60% of users discovering new items on Instagram & 80% of accounts following a company, it’s unsurprising that 25 million firms utilize the site for social media marketing success.

Instagram offers enormous marketing possibilities regardless of the size or specialization of your business. However, with so many rivals on the market, it’s critical to build an effective Instagram marketing plan to outperform your competition.

Therefore, what is the solution? Marketing using video content!

Formats for Instagram Video Content

Video content marketing has evolved, and Instagram currently features three primary video formats:

When video postings launched in 2013, you could post only up to 15 seconds. Because viewers now want more videos from businesses, you may post films up to 1 minute in length.

Instagram video stories: Vertical video has grown in popularity due to the emergence of vertical video. Now, over 500 million people produce or watch Stories daily, demonstrating how engaging this content is.

Instagram TV and live streaming: Since specific videos must exceed one minute in length, Instagram offers these two long formats. While Instagram TV is a native video channel, Live allows for real-time engagement with users.

Whatever video format you pick, it’s critical to understand basic video concepts that can capture your viewer’s attention, engage the followers, and help you achieve better business outcomes without investing a lot of time or money in video production.

Top 4 Ideas To Create Instagram Videos

1. Overviews of Products

Today’s users are astute: With an onslaught of brand information bombarding customers from all directions, people prioritize items that meet their demands. As a result, buyers look for product reviews to see whether your solution can address their problems before purchasing.

Unsurprisingly, many businesses utilize IGTV for industry, given the increased demand for lengthy educational videos. Additionally, it’s a chance to demonstrate your specific knowledge and provide a product summary. You could even improve your engagement rate and enhance your profile when you buy IGTV views organically.

2. Stop-motion animations

Modern consumers are jaded by excessively polished advertising content, which explains why essential stop motion films are hot on Instagram. Stop motion films enable you to produce unique and engaging material – let your imagination run wild. Whether you’re telling your company’s narrative or showcasing the product, there are several ways to use stop motion video to captivate your audience efficiently.

3. Videos in Slow Motion

The rapid motion option enables you to demonstrate progress more quickly without boring the followers to death. Additionally, because 85 percent of video content gets viewed without audio, this content works well on Instagram.

If you’re unsure what sort of fast movement videos to record, keep in mind that Instagrammers adore behind-the-scenes content since it adds authenticity.

4. Mode of Rewind

With so many videos on online media, you must be innovative to capture your followers’ interest. Consider using the rewind function to reverse the video if you want to demonstrate the product engagingly and humorously.


Possessing an Instagram account is insufficient to capture your audience’s attention and market your goods. To begin, keep in mind that your potential consumers have many alternatives, so it’s critical to provide them with what they want.

In other words, Instagram video creation is critical for online media marketing success. With these low-budget video ideas for Instagram, you could improve brand visibility, engagement, and sales without breaking the bank.

So, are you prepared to start creating more Instagram videos?

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