Automatic social networking tools have the potential to be used for bad. But in dire situations, it can save a person’s life.

The “set it and forget it” attitude is frustrating to me.

If I were to boil down the concept of “poor” automation, I would say it boils down to this: if an automation tool is used to “set it and forget it,” you are definitely heading down the path to the dark side of automation.

So, what exactly constitutes “good” automation?

Basically, “good” automation is automation that allows us to accomplish something we would do manually if we couldn’t automate it (as opposed to something we would never do manually anyway).

See if we can figure out what that would involve.

Streamline Your Social Media Management With This All-In-One Tool

Time is precious, therefore automating social media chores is a no-brainer.

The first “hack” to save time is to consolidate all of the chores you’ve been doing in several different locations into a single workspace. That’s really effective, and it might even save money.

Spending too much time on social media is inevitable if you use one tool to post updates on your social media profiles, another to respond to your private messages on Facebook or Twitter, a third to get your reports, a fourth to listen to mentions of your brand or product, and then have to end your day on YouTube to respond to comments on your channel.
When you have a social media management tool, you can do all of these things without switching between different programmes, saving you a tonne of time every week.

Eliminate Manual Message Responses in Your Social Media Inbox

Conversations and relationships between people are what give social media its true worth (us, businesses, and all the prospects and clients we can engage with).

Therefore, as a competent social media manager, you likely spend the most of your time cooped up in your different inboxes, making sure that you attend to the constant stream of messages, comments, mentions, and the like.

While doing so, you are likely manually responding to a large number of messages, mentions, and comments by clicking “like,” “reply,” “hide,” or “delete.”

If you’re working in a group, make sure everyone is on the same page and nobody’s doing the same thing twice.

Yes, it’s boring.

It is essential that you take action. This, though, can be too much at times.

Any time saved from not having to repeatedly click, type, or do the same task can add up to significant savings.

Indicator keys for speeding up your typing

There may be a lot of clicking involved if you respond to, like, or hide hundreds of comments per day. Some of our users field as much as three thousand comments and direct messages each day. Ouch.
Keyboard shortcuts are available in most social media management tools, allowing you to quickly and easily do common tasks.

This may not seem like a huge thing, but it may save you a lot of time and stress if you receive a lot of comments or private messages.

The ability to save your responses

One of the greatest benefits of social networking programmes is the amount of time they save their users. Additionally, it’s one of a kind. For the vast majority of other apps, this function is reserved for their more costly tiers of service at best.

Using a canned response, you may quickly and easily deliver a standard answer to frequently asked queries. Moreover, the recipient’s name may be changed with a single click.

Filtering and moderation procedures will be automated (Inbox Assistant)

My favourite automated function is our Automated Moderation, also known as the Inbox Assistant. Infinite potential exists when utilising it.

It operates by reacting to specific words or phrases in order to initiate predetermined actions.

A couple of illustrations may be helpful, so here they are:

Tweets posted automatically that include a spammy term, such as “purchase followers,” should be reviewed (archived) automatically.
Messages containing the words “delivery” or “trouble” should be sent to a specific member of the support staff.
Hide comments that include profanity automatically
Create a tag for each remark that contains the term “love,” “wonderful,” “useful,” etc., and save it to a bookmark.
When dealing with a large amount of incoming material, this automation engine comes in handy.

Auto Advance

The Auto Advance option is available in some applications to facilitate the efficient handling of a large number of user comments or messages.

Our inbox basically always keeps you on the reply page after you’ve responded to a remark or message. This is preferred by the vast majority of users since they may review their response before sending it.

You have no choice but to go on to the next thing and respond to it after doing so. It’s quite OK to consume many dozens daily. If you have hundreds of them, though, it’s not.

There is an option to have the system automatically advance to the next remark or post in the thread, save you potentially hundreds of mouse clicks daily.