Searching for new clients to serve? Check Instagram.

Instagram has positioned itself as a strong channel for businesses who are trying to engage with their audience. The platform now boasts more than 500 million active users on a daily basis and more than 1 billion active users on a monthly basis.

However, because there is so much competition for people’s attention, it is becoming progressively more difficult for companies to differentiate themselves on the platform. If you want to attract new clients, the information you provide needs to be credible and interesting.

In addition, while the content that you share is extremely vital to expanding your audience, it is equally as crucial to have a plan for when you release that content.

Finding a window of time during which your postings have a higher probability of rising to the top of the feeds of your audience might feel like solving a riddle. We are standing by to lend a hand.

When should you post on Instagram to get the most likes and comments?

To tell you the truth, there is no hard and fast rule that dictates what the optimal time is to post on Instagram. Figuring out a few perfect times to publish just requires a few factors, and it is not hard to do it.

Be sensitive to the behaviours of your audience

Consider the general behaviours that your audience engages in. Do they not work outside the home? Teenagers? Workers in large corporations who report to the office each and every day?

You can better determine when a post will get the most attention by looking at the data you have about the everyday lives of your audience members. Once you know when they are online and ready to engage with various kinds of material, you can look at the data you have. Make sure that you take into account the different time zones as well.

Discover the insights that instagram has to offer

When you’ve begun to establish a following, you can use Instagram to immediately obtain a better picture of when your potential clients are online. This is possible once you’ve started to build a following. When you go from a personal account to a business account on Instagram, you are granted access to a dashboard that is known as Instagram Insights.
This dashboard is a data treasure trove that contains, among other things:

• Impressions: the number of times your posts were viewed by other people.

• The top posts are those that garnered the most comments, likes, shares, and overall attention.

• Follower demographics, or information about your audience in terms of their age, gender, and geographic location

• Activity of the audience: a breakdown, by day and hour, of the times of day and hours when your followers are most active on Instagram

Because of the second piece of information — which is essential for predicting the times during which your postings will have the most impact — we strongly advise establishing a business account.

How to determine when the optimal posting time is for your company on Instagram
You are ready for the following phase if you have a decent feel for the habits of your audience and have researched your insights about the optimum times to publish for your industry.


You may begin to experiment with the timings at which you publish pictures on Instagram now that you have access to a wealth of data from the built-in analytics dashboard the platform provides. Find out what times of the day the majority of your followers are active online. Is there a time when they won’t interfere with your work? If so, you’ve won the jackpot! You may publish at 8 a.m., then again at 9 a.m., and so on, if you know that the majority of your audience is online between 8 and 11 a.m. on weekdays. This will make it possible for you to acquire even deeper insights regarding the optimum publishing time for your brand’s Instagram account. You need to conduct tests over a significant length of time in order to gain an accurate sense of the days and hours that produce the greatest results; we suggest beginning with one month.

Create a spreadsheet to keep track of your publishing schedule, which may also serve as a location to monitor the percentage of users who engage with your content at various times of the day. Additionally, having all of your data in a one location will make it much simpler for you to see patterns and trends.

Be aware of your other market participants

Is there one of your competitors in particular who appears to be receiving the majority of the likes? It’s possible that they’ve figured out the optimal posting hours for your particular readership. Observe the times at which they are publishing and make an effort to model your Instagram posting schedule after theirs to see whether it yields similar results.

Make use of a scheduling application

Some social media scheduling platforms, such as Hootsuite and UNUM, have the capability to automatically publish your material during peak periods, taking into account how well your previous posts have performed. Make a few articles utilising this function, and then keep in mind to evaluate how successful they were.