Advertising on Facebook is more popular than ever, and if you use an eye-catching cover photo, you may be able to entice even more customers.

We understand that in marketing, it’s common practise to look at the big picture (think sales and conversion numbers). But first impressions count for a lot when trying to get people to visit your Facebook page or watch your YouTube video.

Making the most of every opportunity is essential in social media marketing, from creating the perfect YouTube thumbnails to uploading the appropriate-sized images.

If you want to catch the attention of potential customers, make sure your cover photo (or Facebook banner) is eye-catching and engaging.

Here are some really cool concepts for your next Facebook cover photo.

How to Create a Facebook Cover Image

It’s true that not every business model can take advantage of a Facebook cover photo, but the benefits of having one are substantial nonetheless.

Using a Facebook cover photo to promote your brand is a good idea for many reasons, some of which are listed below.

  • The cover image serves as a mood-setter for the entire page.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so don’t underestimate the persuasive potential of combining an engaging layout with an arresting image.
  • If it fails, you can start over with a clean slate and try again.

Because of its limited real estate, the cover page’s layout should make the most of its visual elements through careful placement and arrangement.

The use of symbols plays a significant role in this.

Pictures, logos, and icons (symbols) are all easily recognised pieces of data that can be used in various contexts, including your website and social media accounts. Simple, direct, and consistent communication is facilitated by them.

as well as dare to be original.

Don’t limit yourself to the tried-and-true methods of old. Let’s try out some new looks and concepts and see which ones go over best with our target audience.

Learn the fundamentals of cover photo design by reading this:

Apply the Logo’s Color Scheme

When you share more about yourself, your Facebook friends appreciate it. And so do potential customers, which is why your profile picture should reflect the company’s identity in general.

When it comes to expanding your customer base, a Facebook page can be a powerful tool. For instance, a focused Facebook group can be an effective method for finding new prospects.

It’s crucial, though, that you maintain a unified brand image.

Your brand should be instantly recognisable to your clientele.

Always use images

Maintain the text simple and to the point and to the point.

The goal is to increase page views on your Facebook profile. Anything that prevents us from reaching our objective should be avoided.

Excessive use of text on a cover photo is both a visual distraction and a waste of valuable real estate.

Be mindful of the layout, the separation of text and imagery, and the organisation of each section.

Perceptual Equilibrium

Your Facebook business page consists of multiple components, including the profile picture and cover photo.

Given that the profile picture is located on the left, designers of cover photos often centre their attention on the right side of the image in an effort to create visual harmony.

The end result is an elegant, well-balanced, and straightforward layout.


Having a feature photo for your brand is still important, even if your primary Facebook cover photo already includes your brand name.

Your company’s cover photo shouldn’t just be a generic headshot, but rather an image that demonstrates your brand in action and demonstrates how it benefits your target audience.

Facebook cover photos can’t use the same visual language as standard web design.

Therefore, it is acceptable to adopt a more basic layout.

When one picture is worth a thousand words, there’s no point in writing 500 words about it.

Disseminate your central point without ambiguity.

Whether or not your Facebook page becomes popular is largely dependent on the information you choose to share with your audience.

By using the cover image to promote relevant content or special offers, you can forge a more personal connection with your audience.

Still, accuracy is essential at all times. There are many ways to attract attention to your page, but a boring cover photo will not be one of them.

The cover image can be given some character in this way.

You can do this visually, with things like brand colours and memorable images, or verbally, with clever wording.

Even if humour isn’t in the cards for your company, there are other ways to make a good first impression with your cover page.