There is no reason to introduce Instagram. Anybody who has even a passing familiarity with the internet has undoubtedly heard of this immensely popular social networking site.

And I must say, it really is fantastic! Instagram is a great way to meet new people, gain insight into different cultures, and expand your knowledge of the world at large.

Yet there is a cost to all that convenience: your personal privacy. For some, Instagram’s constant stream of content and lack of privacy settings might be too much to take.

When it comes to social media platforms like Instagram, for instance, many users prefer to keep their follower count under wraps to avoid any potential drama.

Can Instagram Followers Be Hidden?

In a way, and in another, no. You are able to conceal your list of followers, but you are unable to do so immediately.

Sadly, Instagram does not have a setting that allows you to make your following list invisible to anybody but yourself.

Actually, Facebook accomplishes the same thing, if not better, because you can conceal your Friends list. Instagram, however, has not implemented this functionality as of yet.

Tricks for Hiding Your Instagram Followers

There are a lot of valid reasons for wanting to conceal the subsequent list.

Also, if others can easily see who you are and aren’t following on the site, it may be a violation of your privacy.

However, Instagram hasn’t caught on to this yet, so you’ll need to resort to alternative methods if you want to conceal your list of followers.

Secure Your Account Confidentially

You name anything, many people use Instagram. Everyone from your next-door neighbour and officemate to your childhood educator and blood relatives.

Everyone wants a glimpse inside your Instagram life. You don’t have to feel at ease with it if you don’t want to.

Making your profile private is a good way to avoid it. As a bonus, this will hide your followers from anyone who happens to stumble into your profile.

Delete Followers From Your Profile

Turning your account into a private one is a good solution to this problem. That way, your profile is safer from being viewed by anyone who happens to stumble across it.

But what if someone who already follows you is someone you don’t want to see on your list of hidden followers? In any case, the good news is that you may unfollow them as well.

Remove Followers on Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram has its fair share of undesirable users. There are certain to be those Instagram users who are just too obnoxious, whether they are individuals you know in real life or not.

Use Instagram Tracking Software

In addition, you may employ Instagram tracking software. Let us explain what they are in case you are unfamiliar with them.

Monitoring tools for Instagram are essentially third-party apps that aid in protecting your Instagram account.

Yet, you need to exercise extreme caution while picking out such a device.

While these are provided by outside parties, you may never be entirely confident in their motives; therefore, you should conduct your due diligence before deciding on one.

You may “follow” users without really following them if you utilise these techniques. You may conceal your true followers in this method.

Create a Second Profile to Keep Up with Your Followers

Finally, you may follow users by creating a second account.

This is a simple method to keep tabs on someone without worrying about getting in trouble or having to manually delete them.

Make sure you don’t use your real name anywhere on your second account; otherwise, people will quickly figure out who you are, rendering the account useless.

Make the account using a fake name and a photo that isn’t your own.

What Capabilities Do I Have If I Have a Business Account?

The issue with corporate accounts is that making them private would be counterproductive.

Making your account visible to the public is essential if you want to attract more customers.

Yet, there may still be certain users with whom you’d rather not disclose your information.

Although making your account private is now not an option, blocking these people is the next best thing.

Once you’ve blocked someone, they won’t be able to see your profile anymore, so you can stop worrying about them seeing it. You can always unblock them later if you change your mind.

Can I make my Instagram Stories private?

You may choose certain users to not share your stories with and Instagram will remember that and not notify them of your new stories.

Two, you may limit the audience for your tale submission to only your closest friends if you so desire. Eliminate acquaintances you no longer wish to be connected with and preserve just the closest of pals.

The next time you publish a story, you’ll be able to choose whether to share it publicly or only with your friends.

If you email it to a small group of friends, just those people will be able to view it.

When you share a story with a friend on your list, they will see a green border around it to let them know they are on your special list.

As a Closing Remark

Instagram is a great way to connect with others and share your life with the world. Yet, concerns over user privacy are growing in importance.

Instagram already allows you to conceal your likes, comments, and Stories, but there is no such option for your follower count.

As a result, the short answer to your question is “no,” you cannot conceal the identity of those that you follow on Instagram. We have, however, offered a few potential avenues for resolving your issue.

If you complete the aforementioned steps, just a limited few individuals will be able to see who you’re following.