Since visual media is so much more effective at engaging consumers than more conventional internet marketing channels, it’s no surprise that Instagram is rising to prominence as one of the top platforms for advertisers. It is more difficult to ascertain whether or not this rising popularity is due to the proliferation of mobile technology or the extensive usage of smartphone and tablet applications by Millennials.

Using Facebook’s data-rich advertising algorithm, Instagram’s advertising department has helped businesses get great results from the photo-sharing platform. By fusing these two advertising networks, we can now more precisely target our messages to certain demographics and subsets of people based on their actions, preferences, and demographic makeup.

But, the use of such a robust medium cannot ensure the triumph of every campaign. To attract new prospects and consumers in today’s cutthroat market, your marketing will need to go above and beyond the standard “get this now” strategy.

1. Take use of Instagram’s new zoom function.

A new feature included in an upgrade to Instagram’s service allows advertisers to get up close and personal with their adverts.

Users may now squeeze the screen to zoom in on photographs and videos on Instagram. The large amount of requests Instagram received from its user base led to the decision to integrate the function.

Zoom was quickly used as a testing ground for other manufacturers. Clever businesses have even experimented with slow-motion effects and new filters on Instagram, in addition to using the platform to advertise via narrative.

If your Instagram advertising offer a hidden gem that consumers can find, you may increase their engagement by using the zoom tool.

2. You should highlight your top-notch articles.

When coming up with new material for commercials, most organisations take the approach of meticulously crafting ad copy and designing calls to action that will have the maximum impact with their audience. Don’t take this tack with your Instagram advertisements if you want to maximise their effectiveness.

You’ve already got a tonne of material that’s sure to be popular with your audience.

Examine the historical data of your organic posts to identify the visual content that attracted the most attention from your followers. If you repurpose those messages as advertisements, you’ll see a dramatic increase in engagement from a far larger audience.

3. Thirdly, fine-tune your aiming

Due to Instagram’s integration with Facebook’s ad network, you can target your audience with pinpoint accuracy.

To make the platform work for you and your company, though, you need to understand how to take use of its many features. It’s not only the regular targeting techniques that can help you zero in on what you’re looking for; there are additional options as well.

4. Advertisements should not seem like advertisements

Don’t make your Instagram advertising appear like adverts if you want to increase engagement and click-through rates.

The engagement of your audience will increase significantly if your promotional postings blend in with the rest of the information on the page. Images with people in them get 38% more likes than those without, so be sure to include them in your photos and movies.

5. Click the call-to-action button.

To encourage viewers to go over to your website, you may place a call-to-action button in your Instagram ad’s caption (bottom right of the image.) With Facebook advertising, Several options for the button’s call-to-action text are at your disposal.

The dating app Clover has begun an Instagram advertising campaign. Aimed towards singles between the ages of 18 and 35. The campaign’s objective was to broaden the app’s appeal and drive up the number of downloads on mobile devices.

6. Using video for advertising

Most people, especially those who don’t use Instagram very regularly, probably picture a never-ending series of static photographs when they think of the service. Instagram is underrated as a platform for sharing and marketing videos, which is a huge mistake.

As videos are so easily distinguishable from the rest of the page’s content, they immediately draw the eye of the viewer. Even brief films are popular among viewers. More than five million videos were uploaded to Instagram in its first twenty-four hours after the feature became live. When shoppers are exposed to product videos, especially when accompanied by a call to action button, they are nearly twice as likely to make a purchase.

7. Use picture carousels in your narrative.

Instagram ads aren’t restricted to a single photo. As the interface is centred on a carousel, you may provide more visual content for your followers to peruse.

Incorporate a narrative into your material to increase its readability and effectiveness as a sales tool. Captivate your target market by creating a storyboard full of eye-catching visuals that not only showcase the greatest aspects of your company, but also establish a genuine connection with your loyal customers. Use photographs that show how your product or service makes people feel rather than just the finished result.