get high DA guest post backlinks

Domain Authority refers to a search engine score that specifies the authority of your website and figures out your website ranking of search engine result pages. The DA score ranges from 1 to 100, a high score indicates the ability of your website. The domain authority is calculating depends on,

  • The total number of inbound links
  • Authority of linking domains
  • Number of root domains linking to your website
  • Number of unique domains 

These are important for calculating your website authority and help with comparison and estimation. Follow this article to know the tricks of increasing domain authority and search visibility of your website. 

1. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to activity that takes place on the pages of your website. These are quite easy to implement, unlike their off-page practices. The most significant part of on-page SEO is optimizing the URL structure of your website. The URL should be arranged in a perfect manner that shows the category hierarchy of the website. Google crawlers pay attention to URLs because it helps to determine the essence of given pages. You could add your target keyword to your URL to enrich the structure.

 On-page SEO is highly involved for title tags and meta descriptions. The title tag should be more attractive to capture your visitor’s attention and motivate them to click on your website. Create your meta description of around 150 characters with a detailed explanation of your website. 

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is an activity that takes place outside of your website. These external tactics will effectively improve your website to reach a wider audience. Influencer outreach is a proven method for off-page optimization. 

You could reach out to concerned individuals and request them for guest posting on their website. Guest posting is the best way to get high DA guest post backlinks for improving the search visibility of your website. If they share your content on their website, you should have the attention of their followers and new visitors. To get more traffic to your website, you could join for a discussion on forums and ask questions or submit your opinion on the Q/A session. Forums are highly rated on search engines and people to gather more information. 

3. Technical SEO

You need to optimize all aspects of SEO to keep growing your domain authority. Technical SEO refers to optimization activities that carry out the workings of the complete website for web crawling, indexing, and search visibility. Security is one of the major factors of technical search engine optimization. You need to get SSL( secure socket layer) for your website that can only be accessed with HTTPS. SSL helps for search engine ranking and also increases the trust of users. 

4. Increase Your Site’s Speed

40% of people say they will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. To reduce your loading speed, you should compress your image with bytes and add quality images to your website. There are different metrics are available for measuring your site loading speed, they are:

  • The time takes to load the whole content on the pages
  • Time To First Byte measures the loading process of page
  • First contextual paint refers to the loading time of resources for the content of your page

 5. Mobile-Friendly site

A website’s mobile-friendliness is another technical aspect that determines its domain authority. Google also has a thing for mobile-friendly websites. You should use responsive content and lightweight themes compatible with all devices. Most of the google search traffic comes from mobile. Try to create shareable content on your website. Add a navigation button to your site to direct your users to pages on your website. Use a strong call to action button in your pages to take another step on site instead of just seeing your content. 


Improving DA is essential because it increases your chances to rank well on Google. If you have high DA, you can get more organic traffic to your website. It is a sign to show google that your site is an authoritative and trustworthy website on the internet. Follow the above steps to increase your domain authority score faster.