You should make it one of your New Year’s social media resolutions to perfect your Instagram style‚Ķ
You’re not doing social media marketing on Instagram properly if you don’t give some thought to your feed’s theme and the general look and feel of your profile.

In addition to improving your Instagram feed’s aesthetics, this practise may strengthen your brand identity and perhaps spark a creative epiphany when you’re at a loss for what to share.

Just how does one settle on or select an aesthetic for use in Instagram?

Even while it’s good practise to do research by perusing other accounts, your aesthetic should ultimately be about you or your company.

While settling on a style, consider the following questions.

  • When I share something online, what should it be like?
  • So, what colour scheme or set of colours do I like?
  • How do I want folks to feel when they check out my feed?
  • Which subjects do I most like to shoot and share on social media?

Be inspired by Instagram’s visual style and create your own! If you want your Instagram to have a unified style, you’ll need to make sure your posts all appear the same.

Use Analogous Methods

A large variety of filters are available in photo editing apps like Instasize, allowing you to quickly and easily achieve the desired Instagram style.

Want to set a gloomy tone? How about clear and uncluttered? Maybe you’re looking for a more rustic and antique feel? A specialised filter can be applied.

It’s fantastic that filters may still be adjusted to taste in terms of strength. In order to make a decent shot amazing and suitable for your feed, you may also edit photo parameters like Brightness, Contrast, and Shadow.

By maintaining a uniform look throughout all of your posts using the same filter, you can build a strong Instagram style.

Make a Strategy

When you’re publishing on the go on Instagram, you can’t give your feed the attention it deserves and maintain a beautiful look.

You should check to see that the new content doesn’t seem redundant or out of place in your stream. To get a feel for how your photographs will look in your feed, you may rearrange them using an Instagram planner.

Third, find motivation elsewhere

If you’ve already established a style for your Instagram feed, don’t assume you’ve reached the end of your learning curve. Learn from the experiences of others and have an open mind.

How do you think the best Instagram accounts achieve their feed’s desired look and feel? In what ways do they crop or frame their pictures? What sort of cuts do they make? If there was a filter, how effective was it?

You can’t just sit back and let your Instagram style stagnate; you have to work at it. Instagram is dynamic; new features and fashions are added often. When it’s time for your next update, you can always do better.

White Spacers, Rank 4

To make both your feed and its individual photographs stand out, try increasing the amount of white space between row.

If you want a white (or other colour) border between each row of your feed, consider scaling your photographs to a 4:3 or 2:3 aspect ratio and setting them on a white backdrop before posting.