Instagram’s Advantages as a Microblogging Platform

If you want more followers and interaction on Instagram, a blog is your best bet. You’ll need to create or switch to a creator account in order to use Instagram as a microblogging platform.

Twelve Instagram Blogging Guidelines for Using Visual Stories to Increase Views and Followers

Through its visual storytelling elements, Instagram blogging is the ideal approach to pique readers’ attention and inspire them to take action. People are more likely to follow profiles that interest them because they provide information that is both relatable and informative about the company.

After all, you joined Instagram to create a personal brand that represents your interests, so why not tell a tale that compels people to want to follow you? Here are 12 pointers from 10 popular Instagram microbloggers to help you convey stories visually.

One, Establish Your Brand’s Tone

Good Instagram captions are shown to increase both revenue and interaction. But at just 2,200 characters, it’s difficult to write interesting captions for photographs. Here is where the tone of your brand really counts.

The first step is to define the tone of your brand. Do you have a sense of humour? Sarcastic? Casual? Formal? Remember that sincerity and consistency are essential in making whatever decision you make.

Nike is a company that profits off of the words “inspiration” and “motivation.” Their postings and captions regularly reflect these principles.

Second, pick your pictures carefully.

The quality of your photographs will determine the quality of your subtitles. Good images are worth their weight in gold on Instagram. Engaging content on your page is essential before you even begin writing. Your photographs will get more attention than your captions, even if the captions are your major focus.

Third, use vivid imagery. Picture it.

You’ll need to be descriptive in your writing whether your caption is about a life-changing moment, an engaging discussion, an annoying notion, or some tips for making it through the day. You need to be able to paint a mental image for the reader with your words.

Attempt Non-Standard Fonts

One of the clever Instagram blogging strategies is to use inventive fonts, even if it might be very intimidating to write captions. It gives your account an instant boost of originality and helps your posts stand out. In addition, you may help your visitors grasp your blog’s key points by using emphasis and emphasis to call attention to key phrases and sentences. Using a font generator or tool made specifically for Instagram is a terrific way to do this.


You may add a more personal touch to your captions by using emojis to emphasise key points in your tales and chats. As an added bonus, emojis can be understood by virtually everyone.

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t take emojis too literally in your reading of the text. Emojis are a fun and easy way to express yourself online. To emphasise key aspects in your writing and get your message through, consider placing an emoji at the start or end of each phrase.

Provide Background

Not every post has an accompanying explanation. Once you’ve got your snapshot, a great narrative technique is to explain what happened to inspire the shot. Until there is some sort of history or context provided, a picture is just a picture.

Add a Video

Using video on Instagram is a great blogging strategy. Take use of Instagram Stories’ Q&A feature, and then follow up with an IGTV video that addresses viewers’ concerns over the blog. This will increase your page visits and interaction rates by encouraging interaction from your viewers and providing them with more background information about your work.

Instagram Live and Stories allow you to interact with your audience in real time and share exclusive content like behind-the-scenes footage.

Recount a historical event

History is fascinating, so tell us about yourself or the photo’s background. Excellent advice for those who write about travelling. Don’t just upload a picture of yourself at a historical site without providing any context. This will demonstrate that you’re not simply going on these trips for the picture ops, but also to broaden your horizons and those of your followers.

Organise Meetings

There is a backstory behind everyone. Finding interesting individuals to profile on your microblogging account is a powerful way to use the medium. The world seems smaller and more people’s opinions may be considered alongside your own. This shows your readers that you care about more than just yourself and their own experiences; you also care about the community in which you live. The Instagrammers of New York City are living proof of this statement.

Specifics of the Offer

You’re probably getting followers in your niche because they think you’re doing something correctly. Whether it’s about where to go, what to wear, how to raise children, etc., they want your opinion.

If you’re a fashion blogger, you should link to the items’ original sources in the description or make the post itself shoppable. That way, your fans won’t be left scratching their heads in confusion if they want to buy your clothes but have no idea where to do so. The same may be said for bloggers who travel or write about cuisine. Tell your readers where you ate, stayed, or bought your ingredients, if you have any.