You’ve read our blog post on Instagram promotion and have chosen to create an account for your company. Great! The issue, however, persists. In other words, what do you share on Instagram? The Instagram marketing blog includes a succinct breakdown of the four distinct categories of material that may be shared on the Instagram platform.

The article, however, doesn’t elaborate on the various Instagram post formats. Instagram is full of magic and mystery, but no amount of casual engagement will get your business anywhere. Instagram’s four main content categories can be broken down even further into several subgenres. That is the main point of this blog. Before we dive into the specifics of the various Instagram posts, here are some data to reaffirm your prior belief that Instagram marketing is beneficial for your company.
Let’s start by separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the distinction between content and posts on Instagram. Instagram only allows four distinct types of posts. However, not all posts are created equal. Instagram content is always developing. Instagram’s content is evenly split between those who prefer standard photographs and videos and those who prefer stories. Technically, only a select few can watch live television at this time.

The top picks have been collected below. Find out by reading on! Here are the types of Instagram photos and videos that every company should be sharing:

Articles Selected by Influencers

Instagram photos that showcase influential users do the best. Influencer featured posts are useful for all four sorts of content. These updates show up as photos, videos, and stories on your profile.

Pictures and films

Brands can gain the most Instagram followers through featured posts from influential users. They are quite straightforward and just require exchanging a backlink with an influencer. That’s all there is to it.

When an influencer chooses to include your post, your profile’s views increase nearly instantly. However, there is no benefit to include influencers in an excessive number of posts. Your Instagram profile should focus on attracting devoted followers, rather than casual visitors. The number of brand influencers should be kept small to achieve this.

If your business relies significantly on influencer marketing, scheduling your posts in advance is recommended. You should never tag more than two influencers in a single post.


It’s less of a hassle to handle stories. To promote sales, new products, and other happenings, most brands employ stories. Extra credit is given if the story’s influencers are mentioned. The influencer can also help boost your brand’s awareness by doing the same.


The power of the unseen is applicable to every industry. Outdoor-oriented firms, though, stand to gain the most from BtS placements. Any type of content can be posted and serve the same purpose. The objective of BtS is to provide your company a more approachable image.

The most well-known companies in a wide range of fields frequently share candid behind-the-scenes photos and videos on social media. The Instagram success of BtS posts is well-documented. They are so effective because they produce a staggering quantity of conversation.

A BtS position can be filled with nothing more than your current staff, facilities, and company ethos. Just pick one at random and hit the submit button. Obtaining permission from the worker is a good idea, but it is not the problem. You should expect BtS to go viral on Instagram more than you now do.

Inspirational Blogs

Our #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayThoughts, etc. threads all started with the hashtag obsession. You should adhere to at least some of them strictly. Inspirational Instagram posts can have a large impact with relatively little effort.

I would suggest limiting motivational posts to stories, but you could always post an image of a phrase or a short video of an amazing experience as part of your regular profile.

My thinking is as follows. To promote your business, use Instagram. It’s more important to have posts that talk about your product or service. In addition, the ‘clean’ appearance of your Instagram will be ruined by the addition of encouraging images and videos. Later in the blog, I will provide more detail on this topic.

Comments That Teach

Businesses with intuitive products or services might benefit from sharing instructional content, which should be kept to a maximum of a minute in length. Instagram firms that specialise in easy recipes frequently utilise instructional posts to promote their products.

Promotional/product/giveaway postings

Many Instagram businesses promote their products or host giveaways. These are universal posts that will promote any form of content once published. They have a dichotomous structure.

Discussions about Products

Product posts are straightforward advertisements for the things you sell in action. A high-quality image of your product is also acceptable. You can find hundreds of product posts by visiting the Instagram of any product-based firm.

Promotional/Giveaway Posts

Although their intentions may be different, these Instagram postings follow very similar formats. Posts for giveaways are usually unpaid and targeted towards a specific audience.

However, offer posts are published to draw attention to limited-time discounts and deals available to all customers.

As someone with experience in marketing, I am aware of the constraints inherent in developing a ‘professional’ approach. Here’s some guidance: Try to enjoy life more. In every social media blog post I’ve ever published, I’ve made this point quite clear. Visit my profile to take a look!

Uncluttered Instagram Account

Maintaining a spotless Instagram page is a herculean task. Though it’s not quite necessary, a spotless appearance can be rather pleasing. If you want your Instagram marketing to look professional, you should use only a limited colour palette.

If your brand already has a signature colour scheme, sticking to it will be much simpler. A lifestyle, architectural, or design company would benefit from this aesthetic direction. It’s of little relevance to manufacturers of other brands. This is still a novel idea that merits its own website or blog. Listen Up!