Do you need assistance managing the Instagram accounts of your clients (and even your own social media agency’s accounts)? Here is a short selection of some of our preferred Instagram management solutions that can streamline your workday.

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is unparalleled. For the purpose of reaching out to a certain demographic, it is of indisputable value to companies and brands. Instagram users are eager to connect with their favourite companies (more so than other platforms).

It’s like finding a veritable treasure trove of social networking tools, with options like Stories and shoppable posts.

There’s no denying the usefulness of all those extra functions. That much participation is excellent! There’s a lot to remember, though.

Your social media manager has to create fantastic material (pictures and captions) for feed posts, intriguing Stories content everyday, monitor interaction, check email, and seek for user-generated content (UGC).

Good news, though: several excellent social media management solutions exist to simplify Instagram’s content development, publication, and administration.


Software that helps social media administrators create graphics
In case you’re not a graphic designer but yet want to share an attractive infographic or a well-known statement with a fancy background, we’ve got you covered. The best approach to create a layout is with a drag-and-drop editor. One of my favourite games is Snappa.

Snappa provides hundreds of completely editable profile image, post, and Story templates to help you create all the Instagram content you need. You may use the photos for business purposes, and they also provide a library full of graphic design components and the option to add your own photographs and graphics.

You may quickly and easily produce high-quality photos without prior knowledge in design.


Production of promotional videos for social media administrators
Though Instagram users enjoy watching videos, making them from scratch has traditionally been a costly and time-consuming endeavour. However, there are programmes available, such as Animoto, that help simplify the process of making a video.

Use one of Animoto’s many free video templates to make a short, attention-grabbing clip that you can post to Instagram. You have the option of uploading your own media or selecting from their collection. One other choice is to initiate everything from square one.
The text, typeface, and music may all be customised. Templates range from “About Us” pages meant to raise business recognition to ones meant to boost product sales.


Instrument for Instagram Stories
Shakr’s free StoriesAds tool streamlines the process of making your own Stories. The “Story maker” allows users to import short videos and edit the subtitles, music, and voiceovers to their liking. The result is a 15-second Story with animated text that is both entertaining and fascinating.

Please notice that these Stories cannot be used as-is if you wish to add extra stickers. This is especially important if you plan on using interactive stickers such as the question sticker, poll stickers, or shoppable stickers. These elements need to be created inside the programme itself.

Therefore, it is quite beneficial to produce professional-quality reels in advance. Stickers can be added in the app as required, but it’s far simpler to create Stories in quantity with a desktop programme like StoriesAds.


Creating videos for social media managers

Two video making platforms, StoriesAds and Animoto, have been reviewed so far. They take existing media like photos and clips and combine them into polished new films. That’s fantastic once you have some video clips that have previously been edited.

When I need to take raw footage and pare it down, Camtasia is the programme I turn to.

In other words, you may use Camtasia to:

Lengthen or shorten the videos as needed.
Place text over image
Do not allow viewers to delete the closed captions from the video once they are enabled.
Produce videos with narrated intros
Combine video segments
It would be great if there were some animations and transitions in the movie.
Camtasia is a powerful programme that includes everything you need to edit and create videos. You may utilise their video templates or make your own from scratch using tools like a screen recorder, a camera, and a quiz creator to keep your viewers interested.


Application for controlling social media accounts
Agorapulse provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing social media accounts, including publishing, interaction management, scheduling, and analytics.

Complete posts can be uploaded in advance and scheduled. These can be posted immediately or at a later time, automatically, to Instagram.

The content may be added to a “queue” for later usage, making it ideal for evergreen material that can be utilised to fill in scheduling gaps.

Features for social media administration, such as publishing and scheduling material, are also available. In real time, from your computer or mobile device, you can see and reply to comments on your postings.


Generated material from users for social media administrators
Yotpo is one of the greatest user-generated content (UGC) solutions available, and user-generated content (UGC) may be quite influential on Instagram. It offers a wide variety of services that may help a wide variety of businesses, such as SMS marketing, review gathering, and loyalty programmes, but today we’ll be focused on their user-generated content (UGC). Yotpo’s dashboard will display all the material they locate when a user tags your brand, streamlining the process of discovering and sharing UGC. You may then post it in other locations after requesting permission to do so with a single click for promotional usage.

Using this user-generated content, you can make a shoppable gallery on your feed, which is sure to increase sales.