Instagram’s followers reach and engagement rates dropped in 2023. Here are some strategies you may use to pique the interest of your listeners in 2018.

Every company has to go through trial and error to figure out how to make content that their target demographic actually wants to interact with. This is especially true on Instagram, where marketers are having a hard time simply putting their material in front of followers.

According to our 2023 Instagram Stories Benchmarking The Report, a growing number of companies are incorporating Instagram Stories into their advertising strategies. Even while Instagram posts are more effective at gaining followers, the real magic happens in Instagram Stories.
We’ve compiled a list of 22 innovative and engaging Instagram Story concepts for the next year to help you spice things up. Let’s get the basics of Instagram Stories out of the way first.

Creating Your Own Instagram Story

There is a 24-hour time limit on Instagram Stories.
Informal, attention-grabbing writing is best accomplished through the use of stories.
In 2022, businesses typically shared 11 Instagram Stories each month, or around two per day.
If you want to keep a story in your Story Highlights for longer than 24 hours, you may.

Here are some tips for making a dynamic Instagram story.

If you want increased interaction from your Instagram followers, try these 10 tips.

1. Give your audience a say by using question and answer sections

With questions and answers, the potential is infinite. Add a question sticker to an article to get feedback from your audience on product launches, hot industry themes, working conditions, and more.

Start a “ask me anything” session


2. Find out what your followers think of your company and its offerings.

Facilitate your audience’s identification with your brand.
Similar to a question-and-answer session, a “ask me anything” (or “AMA”) session allows fans to pose questions on any topic they choose to the host.

3. Increase the diversity of your narratives


Reach out to more people.
Keep the viewers interested.
Think about how you may broaden the reach of your Stories when you engage with your audience.

4. Promote your brand-new Instagram manual.


Supply Valuable Materials
Create a curated collection of material from your Stories, feed articles, items, and places.
Make new use of old material
Do you use Instagram’s Guide function? Instagram allows you to make a short blog post on any subject.

5. Conduct surveys for audience input


Include a wide range of subject matter
An increase in follower participation
Estimate Need
Polls are a fantastic method of increasing interaction since they demand so little of your audience.

In contrast to question stickers, which let followers to come up with their own answers, polls already have them written out for them. Ask for opinions on different issues, find out what they like, and more with this method.

6. Provide a “this or that” option for your readers.


Low-Hanging Fruit for Commitment
Keep an eye out for trends among your fans.
Using “this or that” Stories is a simple approach to keep your audience interested.

To begin, select two images to add to a single Story and arrange them in a horizontal or vertical layout, as desired. Followers can vote by writing “top” or “bottom,” “left” or “right,” or by using the thumbs up or thumbs down emoji.

7. Make an unscripted or make-up-free vlog


Gain faith by sharing your company’s background story.
Exhibit your dedication and skill in your work.
Put your brand’s more relaxed side on display.
Stories users are more likely to watch videos. It’s a great way to show your fans that you’re a real person and make them feel more connected to your company.

Generation Z is interested in authenticity, and vlogs are a great way to provide that for your audience. Consider raw, unrehearsed, and genuine instagram followers writing. Share behind-the-scenes content with your audience, such as what it’s like to work at your firm on an average day, or how you’re getting ready to launch a new product.

8. Make use of a slider-based emoji sticker


Check the followers’ reactions to
Facilitates interaction with one’s followers
Include a sticker slider in your Story and your followers may express their emotions with a simple swipe of an emoji.

9. Make your own innovative quizzes


Low entry point for participation
Create anticipation for new releases or impending events.
Inform your customers about your company and its place in the market.
Check their level of expertise on various issues.

10 Create a useful guide


Give forth materials for learning
Anytime, everywhere, fans can get to it
Don’t just talk at your online readers; go “hands-on”
In addition to establishing your brand as an authority in your field and providing value to your audience, tutorials are a powerful marketing strategy.