You may increase your Instagram following and brand awareness with only one contest announcement.

Not joking. If you know what you’re doing, a single post may bring in hundreds, if not thousands, of new followers.

Want to increase your audience with only one article that you can be sure will go viral? The answer lies in hosting an Instagram competition.

Read on to learn about the benefits of holding a contest, the different kinds of Instagram competitions, and the formula for creating a successful contest that will increase your number of followers.

Justifications for hosting a competition on Instagram

You’ve probably seen Instagram contests, entered a few (maybe the one for an automated cat feeder for your favourite furry companion), and been tagged in others’, but have you ever considered hosting one of your own?

Here are three reasons why I say “yes” to this proposition:

Get your name out there on Instagram

Let’s all say it together: exposure.

It’s exactly what we desire as a business owner. That’s exactly what’s needed. Need a simple and fast method to promote your brand? Create an Instagram competition.

Free prizes are always popular.

If your followers want a shot at winning, they’ll tag their former teachers, neighbours, hairdressers, and babysitters.

The ultimate domino effect occurs when friends tag their friends in your contest post and those friends receive a notice on their phone.

Improve the interaction with your Instagram posts

You should anticipate a massive influx of alerts from Instagram contests. When a contest is going on, there will be a lot of comments and double taps. You could call it an onslaught of participation.
With more people seeing your post because of the increased involvement, you’ll get more contest entrants, more followers, and overall exposure for your company on Instagram. Oh, by all means, ride the crest of the engagement craze!

Empower your adherents

If you want to grow your Instagram following, host a contest that requires participants to follow your account to enter.

Join forces with a company or influential person and cross-post the contest to reach their followers as well as your own.

It all comes down to a desire for freebies. What has to be done, they will do! Create a contest with a reward they can’t pass up, and watch your fan base grow. I’ve made so many new pals!

Instagram contests

You’ve heard all the buzz about Instagram competitions and are wondering which one would be most beneficial for your company. Try on some of these:

Instagram like-to-win contest

Instagram competitions may be as simple as asking participants to “double-tap” on the competition post to enter.

With this method, each of your followers will have a single entry into the giveaway.

Winner determined by comments on Instagram

To get people to participate your contest, have them remark on the post. Perhaps you’re entering a “photo captioning” competition, with the winner being determined by the most amusing caption. Or maybe you want people to enter the giveaway by commenting with their favourite emoji. The possibilities are unlimited!
Make sure each of your followers can only leave one comment, unless you say otherwise.

Winner determined by Instagram comments

One of the most common Instagram contest strategies is to need participants to “tag a friend” in order to join. It all snowballs from there from there!
That person then tags other people. Before you know it, everyone in their social circle will have entered your contest after being tagged.

Instagram Photo Contest

To enter, your followers need to upload a photo to their own Instagram accounts. All they have to do to participate is post a photo to Instagram or Twitter with the contest hashtag and tag your account.
You can see the domino effect of an Instagram contest in action by looking at the accounts whose followers were interested after seeing them enter the contest.

Instagram Contest Procedures

Are you prepared to launch an Instagram contest to enhance your brand’s visibility, your audience, and your participation?

If you want to host a winning Instagram contest, follow this recipe.

Determine the optimal time of year to hold your contest

Examine your Instagram stats to find out when your target demographic is most likely to be online. If participation tends to dip over the weekend, that’s not the time to have a contest.

Watch the seasons carefully.

Do you have the option of making it a “back to school” contest or a “12 Days of Christmas” prize event?

Perhaps a new product is about to be released? Promote your new product and get the word out by holding an Instagram contest.

Become an influencer or brand’s partner

Collaboration with a business or influencer to host a contest is a guaranteed approach to increase your audience size. Collaboration is essential to achieve success.
Choose your brand partnerships and influencers with care. Verify that they fit in with your company’s ethos and that their audience would be interested in learning more about you and your enterprise.

Choose your reward

The success of your contest will depend on the prizes you give. Think about it: what would your fans care about?

Don’t make a lifetime supply of manufactured whey protein powder the reward if your account is based on holistic nutrition. That’s the gist of it.

Give away something of real value that your fans will want to win.