More than 4 billion people now use some form of social media. The vast social media landscape has made it much simpler to find and interact with people who may become valuable leads.

But even among these many options, there stands out one platform that has the potential to revolutionise the industry.

These Instagram numbers demonstrate the platform’s rapid expansion. It’s no surprise that Instagram is the social media platform of choice for the world’s largest corporations. It is now much simpler to contact potential new consumers in an effort to amass a sizable group of brand enthusiasts.

1. Capitalise on the Growing Mobile App Market

More consumers are now accessing social media through their mobile devices, according to a number of surveys. Therefore, this demonstrates that the app that takes up the most space on people’s cellphones is the one that requires the most care.

Instagram’s smartphone-centric user interface has always encouraged increased mobile traffic. It’s no surprise that Instagram has 84% engagement, making it the second most popular platform.

2. Expand the Brand’s Influence

In light of the pandemic’s impact and Instagram’s ongoing release of engaging new features, it seems probable that the service’s user base will grow to unprecedented heights.

Instagram, in contrast to Facebook, has over two million marketers on a monthly basis. Since there is less competition on Instagram, your marketing efforts have a larger chance of succeeding. In addition, the Reel update of Instagram might catapult your popularity overnight, greatly expanding your audience.

3. Add visuals to increase exposure

It’s no secret that pictures and videos are the most effective means of spreading the word. For this reason, graphics are a crucial part of any successful social media marketing strategy. When it comes to picking a suitable social media site for such a vibrant kind of advertising, Instagram is the clear winner.

Instagram’s feed is entirely made up of engaging visual content. Timely posting without quality loss is made much easier with the help of a free Instagram scheduling tool.

BuzzSumo found that interaction with photographs submitted to Facebook through Instagram was much higher than with images posted straight to Facebook.

4. Triumph with Instagram Tales

Nowadays, consumers want companies to tell stories that truly speak to them.

This, of course, necessitates that companies use narrative in their communications with customers. Moreover, Instagram is unrivalled as a medium for brand storytelling.

5. Increase Participation Levels

Brands are attracted to the platform not simply because of its massive user base. Instead, it’s worth a try because of the leads it can produce with the best interaction rates on submitted content.

Find out what Instagram’s micro-influencers think about the platform’s engagement. According to a Bloglovin poll, the most popular social media channel among micro-influencers is Instagram.

6. Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimisation is critical for any organisation, regardless of industry, because of the volume of referral traffic and leads that may be generated via social media.

Shopify found that an eCommerce business’s conversion rate via Instagram was 1.08%. The average order value is $65 because to Instagram’s referral traffic.

Despite Instagram’s lack of universal linkability, the site nevertheless generates astonishing ROI. Bios, shoppable feeds, and stories are the only places where you’ll find active links.

This makes Instagram more user-friendly and saves money for businesses by reducing the number of unneeded clicks. When it comes to increasing conversions and generating purchases, Instagram is undeniably a frontrunner.

Concluding Remarks

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