The marketing industry has seen, and is continuing to see, the development of several trends. Traditional marketing methods get much less of a response from customers these days than they used to.

It is possible that this strategy will be successful for well-established firms; but, what about less well-known online retailers?

In what ways do they have a choice? Is there any possibility that they will be able to survive?

In any case, there is, and they offer a wide variety of wonderful choices.

One of these options is to tell the story of their company by collaborating with producers on TikTok and other influencer marketing platforms.

This type of marketing tactic is also known as influencer marketing.

So, let’s talk about it, shall we?

When all is said and done, you will have learned the following:

Why collaborating with popular users on TikTok is a smart business move
How to locate the most talented content producers and social media influencers to collaborate with on TikTok campaigns
Without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the situation!

Is It Worth It to Collaborate with TikTok’s Influencers and Creators?

The simple answer to that question is yes, and the reason for that is not simply because everyone else is doing it.

You see, collaborating with TikTok’s content creators is the best way to make sure that your marketing efforts achieve the kinds of results you’re looking for.

Understanding TikTok on your own may prove to be difficult if this is going to be your first try at running an advertising campaign on a social media site like TikTok.

On the other hand, working together with other content creators on TikTok will make this process much simpler for you.

They are already aware of what the usual user is searching for, and as a result, you will be able to make use of this information in your TikTok campaigns.

But wait, there’s more where that came from!

We’ve included some more benefits below.

Reaching new audiences and groups of interest

You will be able to reach a greater number of individuals who are interested in your specialty if you form partnerships with the appropriate influencers.

We are aware that you are curious about how.

Users of social media who have amassed a significant number of followers might be considered either creators or influencers.

When you work with them as a partner, they will provide you with access to their clientele.

And if they’re operating in the same market segment as you are, there’s a strong possibility you’ll connect with people who aren’t familiar with your brand.

It’s also easy for artists and influencers’ content to obtain high engagement rates and a lot of shares on TikTok since users value the recommendations that creators and influencers make.

58% of consumers have already admitted that they go to artists and influencers for suggestions regarding the products that they should purchase.

This means that when you associate with them, there will be an increase in brand recognition.

What else?

If you want to turn the content that the creator generates into an advertisement (Spark Ads), you will have the ability to create and target lookalike audiences. These audiences will have interests that are comparable to those of your primary audience.

Develop cost-effective social media campaigns

When compared to other social networks, the cost of launching an advertising campaign on TikTok in conjunction with creators is significantly lower.

In other words, you are able to stick to your spending plan while still receiving an excellent return on your advertising dollars (ROAS).

We are well aware that you are perplexed as to how this is even possible, therefore we will explain it to you now:

To begin, the cost for producers on TikTok to produce video content alone can range anywhere from $40 to over $180 depending on the amount of followers the artist has, the requirements of the campaign, and a number of other things.

If they opt to let you run Spark advertising from their account, it will cost you between $80 and over $300, depending on how long they let you do it.

Now, let’s imagine you want to leverage the content they have uploaded to TikTok to broadcast advertisements.

According to a research from 2020, the cost per mille (CPM) on TikTok was one dollar, while the cost per click (CPC) was twenty-nine cents.

When compared to the costs offered by other social applications, you will find that working with producers on TikTok is a really cost-effective option.

CPM on Facebook, for instance, cost 1.28 euros, which is approximately $1.25.

You can see why this is important for cost-effective campaigning!

Convert leads into customers

Collaborating with creators can assist in expanding your reach to new audiences and converting those viewers.

To put it another way, artists assist in putting your goods or service in front of potential customers, increasing the likelihood that those customers will make a purchase from you.

Because the consumers trust the creators, they are typically pleased to see content made by them.

When a consumer sees a post that showcases your product, they start visualising themselves employing it in the same way that the content producer did in the video.

When that happens, it becomes easier for leads to become customers.

According to a number of studies, incorporating creators in advertisements on TikTok leads to a 27% increase in ad recall.

When BlendJet, an eCommerce firm, needed to promote sales for their portable blenders, they worked with TkTok producers to develop content for them.

After that, they pushed the creatives as advertisements for Spark.