Top Instagram’s New Updates To Utilize In Your Marketing Strategy For 2021

Instagram is a crucial player in most businesses’ marketing strategy, with a billion users. Instagram is a tremendous tool for any business, whether used to create your brand, showcase your goods, or sell straight through the platform. If you haven’t taken advantage of all that Instagram has to serve to boost your business’s visibility. 

Most Recent Updates To Use in your Marketing Strategy

1. Use Instagram to automate the direct messages

ManyChat, for example, is one of Instagram’s partners who may assist you in creating your conversation bot. You may use the bot to express gratitude for posting your content, respond with keywords, and provide support, in addition to answering inquiries. It is beneficial for expanding your email database. Tell the followers to text you a specific keyword like Instagram, & your bot will guide them through a sequence of chat dialogues you set up ahead of time to warm up the leads, nurture them, and finally deliver your lead magnet. The best part about this is the bot only listens for certain trigger words. While your bot assists with predefined queries for your prospects, you may continue to interact with the friends & current customers in the DMs.

2. Audio Controls on Instagram Live

Instagram has added settings to mute the audio & even switch off video during your live videos, basically providing the attendees an audio-only experience. I feel that video substantially increases the trust we establish toward someone; thus, presenting oneself on camera is crucial in my perspective as a business owner. However, I believe some of my customers will be pleased with this function because they are still getting used to staying on camera.

3. Insights into Instagram Reels

If you have an Instagram creator or business account, you can examine your account insight to see how many individuals have viewed your account, clicked through to the website, began following you, and so on. Reels, or vertical films of up to 15 to 30 seconds, have become the most popular feature on Instagram in recent months. It is exciting for any content developer. Analyze how well the reels are doing with these insights, then optimize from there. Determine the most effective content by monitoring and measuring hemes, format, music, light, length, and other factors to determine the most effective. You can genuinely develop ideal reels which resonate with the audience from there.

4. Monetization of IGTV

Following the success of Snapchat and Tiktok monetization systems in attracting producers, Instagram decided to follow suit. With IGTV Monetization, anybody with 10k or more followers may insert adverts on their content. Suppose you have a sizable following dedicated to providing content regularly; in that case, this is a fantastic method to supplement your income. If you are a beginner to post videos on IGTV, you could get IGTV likes to amplify engagement and enhance your profile visibility.

5. Remixed Instagram Reels

Like TikTok’s Duet feature, Instagram now allows you to play an existing reel alongside your own. You can create reactionary or side-by-side comments to a reel created with the remix option enabled on the other reel. This functionality would save us time because we can repurpose current Reels to make new ones!. If you want to acquire a new audience to watch your reels, you can get reels likes for Instagram to popularize your profile. It is fantastic news for content providers who struggle to come up with some new & fresh content regularly.

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