4 Incredible Ways To Increase Your TikTok Video Views

When it comes to TikTok, increasing TikTok views, gaining likes on TikTok, and enhancing more TikTok followers is becoming difficult these days. And the competition level is increasing day by day. Many TikTokers concentrate on getting likes, views, and shares in the short term unless the content is unique and compelling. 

TikTok is also one of the best social media platforms. It allows you to create, edit, and filter your videos within the application. After posting a video, you will get views, likes, shares, and more. 

If you want to increase your followers count, you will buy likes on TikTok for your TikTok profiles. After that, you will gain more organic views and followers instantly and expand your brand popularity. 

Here are five incredible ways to increase your video views. 

Let’s have started!

1. Add Hashtags

Including hashtags in your content will help to reach out to more viewers. However, choosing the appropriate hashtag is a difficult one. Most people pick irrelevant hashtags for their videos, but it doesn’t work. 

Before adding the hashtags to your content, you have to research that. You can include 4 to 5 tags on which hashtag would work best for you. When 

you’re making a viral lip-syncing contest, and you must use the common hashtag. 

Here are the tips for adding hashtags:

  • Using two to five hashtags is best for your content
  • Repeatedly adding the same hashtag is not a perfect idea.
  • Add one common, add one less, and add popular hashtags. 

2. Create High-Quality Videos

High-quality videos require an important financial expense by using the best quality equipment: camera, lighting, backdrop, sound equipment, and video editing tools. 

  • We recommend using an iPhone or a quality phone if you prepare to make the videos on a smartphone. 
  • Use the best lighting bulbs of the same durability and capacity. Taking videos by using natural lights must be effective. 
  • While everyone can create a good video, not everyone can edit it well. If you want to edit your videos, you can find editing apps like InShot, VivaVideo, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

3. Collaborate with Top Influencers

Do you think about brand reach and popularity? Use Influencer marketing techniques to promote your brand and move to the next level. 

Why are marketers seeking influencers for their brands? Because those people already have a number of fan bases among the social media community. Hence, viewers can easily recognize their faces and trust whatever they are doing. 

In this scenario, you will choose an appropriate Influencer for your brand that is really worth it and establish a larger audience quickly. Before choosing a person, you should check their previous work and analyze whether his/her matching for your brand. 

Reminder note: Adding a person of the opposite gender will help you increase more views and followers ultra fastly. 

4. Share Your Content on Other Social Platforms

After creating every TikTok video, you should be shared on other social media platforms. Apart from TikTok, more viewers are spending time on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. So, you should post your videos or piece of video content on your other accounts.

On Instagram, you can share your videos in your feeds, stories, or reels. On Facebook, you can share your videos in the feeds. Insert a TikTok profile link in your Instagram bio, which helps you view more videos that people can see. 


Increasing video views is the best quality of content creators. If your videos are unique and effective, people spend their time in your profile. At last, your brand will reach more audiences and get enormous viewer’s attention within a short period. 

4 Secrets To Boost Your TikTok Engagement Rate

TikTok is every growing social media platform in the digital world with 850 million monthly active users. It is very popular among teenagers, younger generations, and even kids who use this platform to showcase their acting talents. In TikTok viral videos are placed on the For You Page. If you want to make your video trending on TikTok, you need to get a higher engagement rate for your videos. Because TikTok algorithms take a video with higher engagement for a “For You page.” 

Are you wondering how to increase your video engagement rate on TikTok?. You have come to the right place. In this post, I’ll share top secrets to boost your video engagement on TikTok. 

On TikTok, connecting community and engagement is a key to boost your followers. The more engaging videos you create, the more people like to comments, like, share, and save your TikTok videos. 

#1. Use The Q&A feature 

Posting a Q&A-type video is the essential way to grow your followers to a massive level. Additionally, sharing question-type videos will help you to understand your audience’s interest. Creating a video after knowing your audience’s interest, you can get instant likes, views for your TikTok videos. When you buy TikTok comments, you can increase your followers and video views count instantly and make your content viral on TikTok. 

When you post a question-type video, encourage your audience to reply to your videos. When they reply to your video, answer them when to clear their doubts. But these types of features are only available for account creators, or you can use the below tips to turn on this function. 

Step1: change yourself as a creator account in your settings 

Step2: then tap setting and click creator

Step3: hit Q&A and click turn on 

#2. Interact With Your Audience

First, you need to check your TikTok insights to know which type of content is most liked by your audience. Understand their age, location, and when they are most active on TikTok. These stats will give a great idea to share the right content with your audience. Additionally, you want to interact with other TikTok accounts and give likes and comments to their video to build a strong relationship. 

Reply to your followers’ comments and send them a direct message. Also, you can follow new accounts if you like your post on TikTok. This will make your account noticeable to many people and increase your reach to a wider audience. 

#3. Reply To Comments With A Video

TikTok has a great feature that allows you to reply to a comment with a video. It is very different from how normally you send replies to comments. With you, your followers feel very impressed to follow your TikTok account. When you send a direct message to your followers, it makes them emotionally connect with you. Here are the steps to send a video reply.

Step1: enter into comment session and click one which you want to reply

Step2: hit the red camera icon on the left side above the text bar

Step3: then, you will direct a screen to record a video or upload 

Step4: once you uploaded the video, type a reply on the screen and sent your video

These are one of the ways to attract more audience and boost your TikTok engagement rate on the platform. 

#4. Duet Other TikToke’s

These two unique features aren’t available on any other social media platform. Make duet videos on some others videos and also turn on your function to others to make a duet of your videos. Dute video is nothing but allowing others videos in the part of your TikTok videos. Additionally, TikTok allows you to trim videos as you want. Using this feature is a great way to increase your TikTok engagement rate. These are the top secrets of creating videos to boost your engagement rate on TikTok. 

How To Handle Every TikTok Ads & Their Challenge By Using Simple Steps

Today, TikTok is a perfect social media platform that has taken your channel by storm. From its beginning during the late 1990s to its global visibility today, people have gathered online to share their views and much more. For example, around 2.5 billion followers use Facebook every month. As of now, it is possible that some if not every one of your aiming audiences is present on one type of social media or another. It is why social media is one of your most considerable assets, and you need to be using it or complete capabilities. 

However, it’s not enough to post content to each social media platform; you are required to understand who exists there. Various audiences utilize media types, and you need not have any luck reaching your focus audiences if you need not know these metrics. 

Few Facts About TikTok:

TikTok is a video-sharing social media networking platform that was started in 2017. It is a combination of origin company ByteDance and obtained from their population. Also, it tunes with the video-sharing platform Musical.ly, either of which has the same type of TikTok. 

It lets followers make precise, hook videos with a target on comedy, performance, and music. These videos are primary to the user experience, and can be edited, reacted to, and monetized in value. Content creators can create anything from challenges and recoil parts to combine videos with other users worldwide. 

TikTok has a global reach that has made the most famous social media applications go behind. After the collaboration of Musical.ly, it provided the chance to add the already existing followers.

TikTok witnessed faster growth, similar to other social media platforms. Also, 500 million more accounts were established and have got a massive expansion with 1.5 billion users. 

 If you are fascinated by reaching more audiences relevant to your niche, buy likes on TikTok to grow your TikTok fans to increase your fame. TikTok may be a platform worth spending your time and effort. Businesses previously could promote TikTok via endorsements by famous profiles. Anyhow, in 2019, the platform developed its ad campaign services in the form of TikTok ads. 

Details About TikTok Ads:

TikTok ads let advertisers describe their followers, make their content, and select when and where they need their ads to display. 

Utilizing the TikTok platform, businesses can select the perfect format for their ad effectively. You can make anything by incorporating videos and images of different sizes and forms. Yet, TikTok services include a video creation kit that caters to the users with a range of template options to promote simple video creation. 

It also consists of an automated advertising delivery tool called Automated Creative Optimization. 

The tool automatically makes, shares, and improvises your ads for you. It helps expand your ad’s lifespan value and assures that they are fresh and similar. 

You can also make use of different forms, including images and videos with different dimensions and formats. These can be placed over any of the apps that are part of the ByteDance with several vertical markets. 

How Does TikTok Ads Work With A Perfect Example?

Meanwhile, TikTok ads might appear costly for the average smaller-scale business; it is useful in the marketing world. It might be a spike for companies knowing the chances of TikTok promoting to begin getting involved. Nothing is more potent than a success story; hence let’s look at one that made a massive marketing impact. 


In May 2019, chipotle collaborated with TikTok to make hashtag challenges. Also, they started this challenge as a piece of their free delivery deal in Cinco de Mayo and checked a raise in purchases tracking the ad campaigns. It was earlier before the launch of TikTok and their ads service, yet it went with the power of a paid collaboration and the hashtags ads feature. 

The challenge used the hashtags #ChipotleLidFlip motivated users to attempt and flip the lid into a Chipotle burrito bowl. Moreover, hashtags were highlighted on TikTok from May 5th to 10th and were a paid sponsored promotion. It affected audiences globally, from casual users to YouTube celebrities like David Dobrik. 

A Quick Guide To Use TikTok Hashtags [An Effective Way]

TikTok is a cost-effective social media platform in the world at present. It has 689 million monthly active users and has 319 million downloads. TikTok is not only for uploading lip-syncing videos. Many marketers are choosing TikTok to enhance their business. However, it is not very easy to succeed on the platform overnight. That is where hashtags can help you to increase your follower base and reach your business goals. 

This article will see everything about TikTok hashtags, how to search for the best hashtags, and tips for creating your hashtags. 

Why Should You Use Hashtags In Your TikTok Videos? 

Hashtags are essential in any social media network and especially on TikTok. Just like how SEO is important for websites, hashtags are essential for social media. Hashtags help you expand your content visibility and also allow users to find the content they are looking for. 

If anyone is looking for specific content, they can easily use relevant hashtags to find such content. Using hashtags in your videos can help your content reach your target audience. 

Benefits Of Using TikTok Hashtags

Here are some advantages of using hashtags in your TikTok videos that boost you to start using them right now. 

To Expand Your Content Reach 

Hashtags help you find an audience based on their interest, and it allows you to increase your follower’s rate. Many people follow hashtags-related topics. If you use relevant hashtags in your videos, you can get more views for your TikTok videos. If you are wondering about very few video views, buy TikTok views to increase your video performance. 

If you use some branded hashtags in your videos, your content will be shown to people following related hashtags. Adding a hashtag to your content will help you to reach more audiences and get more likes and followers to your accounts.

To Find Competitors

Analyze other content that are using similar hashtags like you will help you to find competitors in your industry. Also, you can use a hashtag to search for competitors because it helps you to find new audiences you don’t know already. Checking your competitor’s hashtags helps you to create future content to get more likes and views for your videos. 

To Get More Followers

Using hashtags in your content helps you to reach beyond your existing followers. If a person searches for hashtags similar to you, they will probably see your content as well. If that person likes your content, they will follow your TikTok account. Create quality content and add some relevant hashtags to reach your target audience and more views for your TikTok videos. 

How To Find TikTok Hashtags

Now you know what the benefits of using hashtags in your TikTok videos are. If you want to use relevant hashtags for your business, you need to search TikTok hashtags. Here are three unique ways to find hashtags for your videos to get more views.

Analyze Your Industry Videos

One of the easiest and time-consuming ways to find hashtags is to browse content in the app. It would be best if you searched for hashtags that are relevant to your business and interest. While finding hashtags in this method can give only a few relevant hashtags in your niche.

See Competitors Hashtags

Another effective way to find TikTok hashtags is to see what kind of hashtags your competitors are using. They may also use hashtags that are related to your content. So always keep watching your competitors and do things similar to them. While analyzing your competitors, you may get some ideas to create hashtags to reach your audience and to get more views for your videos.

Tips For Creating Hashtags

  • Always focus on creating one related hashtag instead of creating a bunch
  • Your hashtags should be relevant to your business and brand.
  • Create self-explanatory hashtags that should tell people what the content is about.
  • Create simple spelling hashtags that are easy to remember.
  • Use trending hashtags to gain more likes and views for your videos.
  • Hashtags are powerful tools to increase your social media presence.

    You can use this article to find relevant hashtags to improve your video engagement on TikTok.